Rethinking Military History

Professor Black discloses the themes and thoughts of his upcoming, final, pre-retirement lecture.

After a thirty-nine year academic career Prof Jeremy Black will give his final pre-retirement lecture on 30 January. For this auspicious occasion he has broken a habit of a lifetime and has prepared an outline. After retirement he plans to return to giving all lectures without notes.

Read the lecture outline on The Critic Online.

Review of Jeremy’s The English Press: A History

A number of scholars, such as Martin Conboy (Journalism in Britain: A Historical Introduction [2010]), have written books on the history of the English press, generally following a linear historical narrative of the development of specific well-known newspapers or biographical studies of prominent media personalities. In contrast, The English Press: A History focuses on how the politico-economic and social situations, in different periods in England, have influenced and have been influenced by the development of the press.

Read the full review by Elli Papanikolaou (West Bohemia University) on Jhistory