Review of Combined Operations

“A major power confronts another across a wide expanse of ocean. Neither opponent is able to significantly threaten the other’s mainland without mastering and crossing the waves. But the vast distances involved are daunting even for the opposing navies. One side then executes an east-to-west island hopping campaign, using the possession of islands to control the sea and project force far beyond the capacities of lesser powers.”

Read Brett Friedman’s full review of Jeremy Black’s Combined Operations for Strategy Bridge.


Review of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

Matthew O’Gara of Rocky Mountain College reviews Jeremy’s Insurgency and Counterinsurgency for the Journal of Military History v.8, no.4 – extract below:

“No stone goes unturned in this dense yet highly readable book (its subtitle, A
Global History, is no exaggeration or misnomer). Although organized chronologically,
it is not merely a chronology; and although explicitly comparative, it is not
properly a comparative study. Black seeks to “probe the linkage between beliefs,
events, people, and time progression,” thus making his work akin to an encyclopedic,
narrative compendium of exhaustive research that culminates in a vast wealth
of knowledge on the provenance of insurgencies throughout world history.”

Journal of Military History website

Review of Jeremy’s Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

Staff Sgt. Brian Darling reviews Jeremy’s Insurgency and Counterinsurgency. A Global History for the Army University Press. Extract below:

“Jeremy Black’s recent book is much more than a comprehensive history of insurgency and counterinsurgency operations. Insurgency and Counterinsurgency reads almost like an index of small wars and the essential supplemental reading pertaining to them. In the preface, the author invokes Carl von Clausewitz, pointing out that insurgencies and counterinsurgencies are also an extension of politics. The book then moves from continent to continent and between historical periods at a machine-gun pace.”

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