Author: Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black is Professor of History at the University of Exeter. Jeremy is a prolific lecturer and writer, the author of over 100 books. Many concern aspects of eighteenth-century British, European and American political, diplomatic and military history, but he has also published on the history of the press, cartography, warfare, culture and on the nature and uses of history itself.


Early praise for Logistics. The Key to Victory (coming soon).

“This is an impressive study.  The author demonstrates an excellent command of the topic and has made use of an extensive range of source materials to produce a well argued, absorbing discussion of an important area of strategic theory and practice. 

The scholarship is impeccable offering valuable insight into logistic practice not simply in European historical experience but also its role further afield in major Asian states, Africa and Latin America. 

The author successfully avoids ‘the trap of progress’ recognising that logistics must be considered ‘in relation with military culture and as a set of dynamic responses to specific conditions’.  A central and convincing feature of the volume is the author’s debate with Martin van Creveld’s Supplying War.  Without doubt, students and professional logisticians as well as the interested lay public will find the book an innovative and invigorating guide to a complex but crucial feature of modern war practice.

It is a miracle of compression enhancing the subject with acute insight and splendid use of historical examples.