Author: Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black is Professor of History at the University of Exeter. Jeremy is a prolific lecturer and writer, the author of over 100 books. Many concern aspects of eighteenth-century British, European and American political, diplomatic and military history, but he has also published on the history of the press, cartography, warfare, culture and on the nature and uses of history itself.

Radio interview on “The World of James Bond”

Originally posted by ABC Radio, Australia:

“Dust off your tux, get out the martini glasses and gas up your Aston Martin.

We’re diving into the universe filled with espionage and intrigue, created by Ian Fleming in the mid-twentieth century.

The world’s foremost 007 expert, Professor Jeremy Black, joins ABC Overnights to explain the history of the character and how he’s shaped by the world around him.”

Listen here >>

Duration: 45min 50sec

Broadcast: Sat 20 May 2017, 2:00am
Published: Sat 20 May 2017, 5:56am

The World of James Bond

Endorsements for Jeremy’s forthcoming publication:

“Jeremy Black is a scintillating writer who understands our culture brilliantly—his is the definitive take on Britain’s Greatest Spy.”

—Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP

“Fans of James Bond must get ahold of this superb book by distinguished historian Jeremy Black. Black explores the enduring global fascination with Ian Fleming’s incredible creation, the legendary superspy 007, who comes to the defense of the Britons in this most recent dangerous dark age. With insight and flair, Black relates the Bond books and movies produced over the past sixty years to today’s kaleidoscopic real-world nightmares of superpower confrontation and international terrorism. In Jeremy Black, Mr. Bond has finally met his match!”

—John H. Maurer, U.S. Naval War College

The World of James Bond is published by Rowman and Littlefield – out August 2017. Find out more

France Heads for a Dreadful Choice

Article by Jeremy Black in the Wall Street Journal (17 April) on the French elections.

“Do you fancy retirement at 60, a guaranteed income, a short workweek, and the abolition of fear about the future? Well, move to France and choose among the 11 candidates for the presidency.

Most of the outside world is worried about Marine Le Pen and her National Front, especially in light of her recent demand that France be absolved of responsibility for the….

Read full article at WSJ website.

Praise for The Holocaust. History and Memory

This is a valuable addition to the literature on the Holocaust.  Its value is twofold.

First, this excellent brief study places the Holocaust in the context of Germany’s military strategy in World War II.  It is a timely reminder that Hitler’s genocidal determination to rid Europe of its Jewish population was a key element in Germany’s conduct of the war.  Black also emphasises the extent to which all of Europe was complicit in the destruction of European Jewry.

Secondly, in detailing the history of the memorialization of the Holocaust in Europe and beyond, Black insightfully explores important and still unresolved questions concerning the nature and presence of evil in the world, and alerts readers to the ever-present dangers of divisiveness and prejudice in today’s political and theological climate.

Ian J. Bickerton, UNSW

7 April 2017: Maps and War

Jeremy will be speaking at the New York Military Affairs Symposium on Friday 7 April from 7.00 pm on Maps and War: an introduction. All welcome; free entry.

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