Podcasts, links and PDFs:

Friends might be interested in the following podcasts, links and PDFs:


  1. ‘Rethinking World War II,’ to the Royal Artillery Historical Society, Larkhill, at 11:00 on 15 January 2020. Details from Lieutenant Colonel Thompson: thompson690@mod.gov.uk
  2. ‘War as conflict, civil and international: hypotheses in terms of a new stadial history,’ valedictory lecture to the ‘War, State and Society’ programme at the University of Exeter on 29 January, c. 16.30-18.00. Details from Gemma Clark at m.clark@exeter.ac.uk
  3. ‘Rethinking Military Revolutions,’ valedictory lecture at the Amory Moot Room in the University of Exeter, at 18.30 on 30 January. There will be a reception in the Amory Reception area at 18.00. Details from Robert Guyver at guyverrobert@gmail.com
  4. ‘Could the British have won the American War of Independence?’ at 19.30 on 26 February for the Salisbury Military History Society at St John’s Place, Bemerton. Details from arooney@theculturalexperience.com
  5. ‘Italy and the Grand Tour,’ The Arts Society, Cheltenham, at 20.00 on 12 May. Details from Dargavel@gmail.com
  6. ”The Strategies of World War Two,’ at 19.00 on 15 May at The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmens’ Club, 283 Lexington Avenue (between 36th and 37th Streets), New York, NY 10016-3540.
  7. Topic to be confirmed, at 14.00 on 14 October at The Art Society, Exeter.
  8. ‘Waterloo and the War of 1812,’ for the Waterloo Association, at 19.15 on 18 November at the East India Club, London.
  9. ‘George III as Patron and Subject of the Arts,’ The Art Society, Honiton, at 14.00 on 8 December. Details from janetward@doctors.org.uk