1. ‘Cold War, Small Wars and Insurgency-Conflict Post-1945’ at the Malvern Festival of Military History on the afternoon of 5 October. Details from ian@enlightenmentevents.com
  2. ‘Art and Tourism in the Eighteenth Century,’ The Arts Society, East Grinstead, at 10.00 on 9 October. Details from barwellbb@gmail.com
  3. ‘Why did the Allies win World War Two?’ at Torquay Museum on 31 October. Details from chrisnicholls01@yahoo.co.uk
  4. ‘Commemorating World War One’ at Marlborough College on 1 November. Details from Matt Gow – mag@marlboroughcollege.org
  5. “Rethinking the American Civil War” at Oundle School at 19.45 on 4 December. Details from JMA@oundleschool.org.uk
  6. ‘The Press and Politics’ at 15.30 on 11 December in Harrison Building 203, University of Exeter.
  7. ‘Contesting the Holocaust after 1945’ at the University of Exeter Student Holocaust Conference, 14.30-15.30, 16 January 2019. Details from bb37@exeter.ac.uk
  8. ‘The Worlds of James Bond,’ a McCarthy lecture at the University of Southern Mississippi, 29 January. Details from abra@usm.edu
  9. ‘The Art and Meaning of Maps’, The Arts Society, West Wales, at 11.00 on 12 February. Details from Cathy Arthur, info@pchols.com
  10. ‘The Art and Meaning of Maps’, The Arts Society, Welwyn Garden City, at 10.30 on 19 June. Details from susanlyndaowen@gmail.com


With Nick Lipscombe, I will be leading a study tour for ACE Tours on Wellington’s 1814 campaign in France (25-29 June 2019).