Naval Warfare now available in Japanese

Jeremy’s Naval Warfare is now available as a Japanese translation. Find out more on Amazon.


The World at War, 1914-1945

world-at-warThis text provides an innovative global military history that joins three periods—World War I, the interwar years, and World War II. Jeremy Black offers a comprehensive survey of both wars, comparing continuities and differences. He traces the causes of each war and assesses land, sea, and air warfare as separate dimensions.

“Jeremy Black has provided another masterful work for the understanding of modern war and history. In examining the twentieth-century world wars from the aspects of strategy, logistics and resources, operational planning, effective leadership, economics, alliance relations, and peoples and societies in conflict, he highlights the commonalities of the two wars but also challenges the long-held notion of a linear interpretation of world war from 1914 to 1945.” — Stan Carpenter, US Naval War College

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Coming Soon: Imperial Legacies. The British Empire Around the World

Britain yesterday; America today.

The reality of being top dog is that everybody hates you. In this provocative book, noted historian and commentator Jeremy Black shows how criticisms of the legacy of the British Empire are, in part, criticisms of the reality of American power today. He emphasises the prominence of imperial rule in history and in the world today, and the selective way in which certain countries are castigated. Imperial Legacies is a wide-ranging and vigorous assault on political correctness, its language, misuse of the past, and grasping of both present and future.

Imperial Legacies. The British Empire Around the World is published by Encounter Books (2018).  Read more.