Month: December 2020

Recent activity

The following may be of interest:

What do detective novels tell us about the period in which they were written? Podcast for The Critic.

Liberty’s Charter: the special significance of Magna Carta for Americans for The New Criterion.

Transnational history and the colonisation of a profession for The Article

High thinking & plain living. A review of  The Athenæum: More Than Just Another London Club, by Michael Wheeler for The New Criterion.

Military Strategy. A Global History. Podcast for Strategy Bridge.

Ignorance on the Cam. The latest issue of University of Cambridge’s Alumni Magazine encourages ignorant rejection of Britain’s past. Piece for The Critic.

War and culture: the case of the Brontës, for The Article

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Short History of War

Out September 2021:

The Short History of War Yale University Press, 28 September 2021, £14.99,
HB. 9780300256512

Covers the history of war on a global scale, from ancient sources to possible future developments. Black traverses the broad significance of warfare and the way in which cultural understandings of conflict have lasting consequences in societies.