Coming Soon: English Nationalism

A timely exploration of 1,000 years of Englishness

There is no English state within the UK—no English passport, Parliament or currency. But that does not mean that England lacks an identity.

The extent to which English nationalism has a deep history is a matter of controversy. Jeremy Black argues persuasively for its existence from ‘the Old English State’ onwards, predating the Norman invasion.

English Nationalism also probes how other nationalist movements within Britain have helped shaped an English identity. Brexit may appear to have cancelled out Scottish and other nationalisms as an issue—but, in reality, hostility to ‘England’ and ‘Englishness’ has been the principal driver of resurgent English identity.

By looking to the past, Black seeks to understand England’s historical sense of self, and what it means for English nationalism today.

English Nationalism is published by Hurst Publishers in June 2018.


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