Review of The Little Book of Big History

Jeremy’s book with Ian Crofton The Little Book of Big History is reviewed by Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh) alongside Walter Alvarez. A Most Improbable Journey: A Big History of Our Planet and Ourselves.

“These two concise books address big history in different ways, showing that history even at the largest scale can be told in many ways. Though their differences are many, the contradictions between the two are few. The Alvarez book focuses on a geological approach to big history, told through personal narratives of his encounter with the evidence. Crofton and Black adopt what could be called a human-society approach to big history, working political and social history into the big history focus to the degree possible. Each draws a line between the human era and the time before: for Alvarez about 75% of the book addresses the pre-human era; for Crofton & Black a much smaller 25% of the book is on the pre-human era.”

Read the full review in  JWH  vol.28, no. 3 (2017).

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