Studying History, fourth edition coming soon


History is a dynamic discipline; one which will present you with many exciting challenges during your studies. Perhaps you want to explore how the Annales School fits into the historical landscape, or how postmodernism has influenced the subject in recent years; maybe you would like advice on producing a history essay or your dissertation.
Whatever your query, Studying History is the course companion you need.

Fully revised and expanded, the fourth edition of this best-selling text explores the multi-faceted nature of history, from the fundamental question of ‘what is history?’ to the skills required to succeed at the subject.

Features include:

  • New material on using web-based sources and the digital aspects of studying history
  • Extended sections on new cultural history and comparative history
  • Additional guidance on how to reference correctly and avoid plagiarism

Combining a clear, straightforward assessment of the huge variety of historical scholarship with practical proficiency, this book is essential reading for any history student.

JEREMY BLACK is Professor of History at the University of Exeter, UK. His publications include Maps and History, War and the World 1450-2000 and A History of the British Isles.

DONALD M. MACRAILD is Professor of History at Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK. His publications include The Irish Diaspora in Britain, 1750-1939 and Social Theory and Social History.

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